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Heswall Hall

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0151 342 2614

Business Address

111 Telegraph Road, Heswall, Wirral, CH60 4RH


Heswall Hall Community Trust

Heswall Hall Community Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees and supported by a small group of professional staff and volunteers.

Our aim is to maintain our position as the premier Community Hall in West Wirral, leaving a legacy for future generations.

Working together we are totally committed to providing a community hub for the people of Heswall and beyond. We are a registered charity and rely on the income we generate through community events and room hire.

Heswall Hall Trading Ltd.

Heswall Hall Community Trust (HHCT) has established a trading subsidiary, Heswall Hall Trading Limited (HHTL). This is a very common arrangement within charities and in line with current HMRC regulations. It establishes a vehicle through which the non-charitable, more commercial activities (or non-primary purposes trading, to use the legal jargon) are carried out and operated from the Hall.

In addition to this, by establishing HHTL as a separate trading subsidiary, the trustees of HHCT are ensuring that any risks associated with the trading activities are kept completely separate from HHCT.

All the profits generated within HHTL will be gifted to HHCT and used by HHCT to further its charitable purposes. Individuals have been appointed to act as directors of HHTL (a necessary step as part of the setting up process) and they will all be acting in a voluntary capacity, in common with the Trustees of HHCT. To be clear, the directors of HHTL and trustees of HHCT are unpaid volunteers.

The trustees of HHCT took legal advice and instruction from solicitors who specialise in charity law and governance to ensure that the new arrangements are correctly set up and managed.

The charitable aims, objectives and purpose of HHCT remain unchanged.

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